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Expectation versus reality: Canadians divided about preferred election result, largely expect Liberal minority

Just half of Liberal voters want to see party form a majority; 81% of CPC voters say same of their

Inflation Nation: Canadians struggle with rising costs; lower-income households brace for worse in the months ahead

Canadians from lower income households far more likely to say they’re worse off now than a year ago June 17,

Simon’s appointment underscores linguistic divides as French Quebecers say “non” to non-French speaking GG

Choice of English and Inuktitut speaking Governor General hailed outside Quebec August 11, 2021 – Mary Simon made history earlier

Afghanistan Evacuation: Almost no Canadians call mission successful; most hesitant to call it a failure yet

Most say Canada should accept at least 20,000 Afghan refugees; One-fifth say crisis will affect their vote August 30, 2021

Election 44: Most view this vote as “more important” than 2019; personal stakes involved for three-quarters

On issues, climate change, COVID-19 bolster Liberals; economic issues and transparency boost CPC August 27, 2021 – As the verbal

Half of vaccinated Canadians say they’re ‘unlikely’ to spend time around those who remain unvaccinated

The vaccinated say it’s OK to ask about vaccination status, unvaccinated say it’s personal, not OK July 20, 2021 –

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