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All but AstraZeneca? Most unvaccinated Canadians uncomfortable with brand; fewer would take the jab if offered

Only two-in-five who want to be vaccinated say they’d be comfortable receiving AZ vaccine April 12, 2021 – Weeks of

Quarantine Questions: Most support 3-day hotel stay for returning air travellers, but far fewer think it’s effective

Most want border with United States to remain closed until at least autumn April 15, 2021 – ‘No time soon’

Child Care in Canada: Little consensus over best approach to assist parents of little children

Majority support government investment in child care; divisions over how and where to allocate funding March 3, 2021 – It

Time for a change in Canadian politics? Half say yes, but most don’t want an election before September

Despite calls for change, Liberals still hold four-point advantage over opposition Conservatives March 17, 2021 – At a time when

Canada’s other epidemic: As overdose deaths escalate, majority favour decriminalization of drugs

Public opinion reflects empirical data: half say opioid crisis worsening in their own communities February 24, 2021 – It is

Religious Canadians praying for return to in-person worship, but won’t forsake online services in future

Half of Canadians who regularly attended religious services pre-pandemic “very keen” to go back April 1, 2021 – Easter may

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