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Half of vaccinated Canadians say they’re ‘unlikely’ to spend time around those who remain unvaccinated

The vaccinated say it’s OK to ask about vaccination status, unvaccinated say it’s personal, not OK July 20, 2021 –

Energy: Canadians tilt towards prioritizing renewables; one-third would split investments between green and oil

While green, renewable energy sources are most popular, half (51%) support nuclear energy generation July 13, 2021 – As main

Line 5: Ontarians, Michiganders want the oil to keep flowing in the contested pipeline; Quebecers are split

Quebecers, Ontarians want cancelled Energy East reconsidered in wake of the cross-border pipeline dispute July 27, 2021 – Canada’s energy

Federal Politics: Pre-Writ period shows narrow gap between incumbent Liberals and CPC challengers

Climate change, Indigenous and economic issues replace COVID-19 response as top of mind July 16, 2021 – Active speculation that

As Ottawa prepares to ramp up immigration post pandemic, Canadians are divided over target levels

One-third say 2022 target of 400K newcomers “about right”, 39% say “too high”, 13% say “too few” June 28, 2021

Vaccine Passports: Canadians show strong support for use in international travel, fewer willing to comply at home

Personal concern over contracting COVID-19 dips, but even vaccinated Canadians remain anxious May 26, 2021 – As some provinces loosen

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