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Climate conference cynicism: Vast majority have little faith leaders will make meaningful progress at COP26

Most take pessimistic view of efforts to reverse warming, feel it’s “probably” too late November 9, 2021 – The COP26

Kids and COVID: Half of Canadian parents with children aged 5-11 ready to vaccinate their little ones ASAP

Nearly one-quarter say they will not vaccinate their children aged 5-11 October 18, 2021 – Based on strong hints from

House in order? Four-in-five Canadians support proposed seat redistribution in House of Commons

Facing loss of one seat, Quebecers are most opposed & half say Quebec deserves special consideration November 17, 2021 –

Three Amigos Summit: More Canadians believe North American trade agreements have hurt than helped

One-in-two CPC voters believe NAFTA/USMCA has hurt Canada’s economy November 19, 2021 – While the leaders of Canada and Mexico

Young leaders in Canada: Plurality emphasize restructuring society over improving existing systems

Over half of Canadians under 40 perceive legacy of Baby Boomers as negative November 10, 2021 – For many young

Vaccine Passport or pink slip? 70% say health workers, teachers & others should be fired for refusing inoculation

Canadians split on whether vaccine focus should remain on boosters or shift to low-income countries November 15, 2021 – As

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