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House in order? Four-in-five Canadians support proposed seat redistribution in House of Commons

Facing loss of one seat, Quebecers are most opposed & half say Quebec deserves special consideration November 17, 2021 –

Three Amigos Summit: More Canadians believe North American trade agreements have hurt than helped

One-in-two CPC voters believe NAFTA/USMCA has hurt Canada’s economy November 19, 2021 – While the leaders of Canada and Mexico

Young leaders in Canada: Plurality emphasize restructuring society over improving existing systems

Over half of Canadians under 40 perceive legacy of Baby Boomers as negative November 10, 2021 – For many young

Vaccine Passport or pink slip? 70% say health workers, teachers & others should be fired for refusing inoculation

Canadians split on whether vaccine focus should remain on boosters or shift to low-income countries November 15, 2021 – As

Remembrance Day & Reconciliation: Most Canadians agree with raising flags at federal buildings post Nov. 11

Flags have been at half-mast since May to mourn children found in unmarked graves at residential schools November 8, 2021

Dwindling group of unvaccinated cite ‘personal freedom’ and ‘health concerns’ as main reasons for dodging the jab

Three-quarters of Canada’s unvaccinated say side effects from vaccine are more serious than virus itself November 3, 2021 – The

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