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Half of Canadians say health-care system would suffer with an infusion of private care; one-in-three say it would help

Three-in-five (61%) describe system as ‘poor’, including one-quarter who say it’s ‘in crisis’ September 12, 2022 – Staffing shortages and

The puck stops where? Canadians show little confidence in Hockey Canada culture change amid sex abuse allegations

Vast majority say Hockey Canada needs new leadership going forward August 17, 2022 – A rare summer edition of the

Access to Health Care: Free, but for all? Nearly nine million Canadians report chronic difficulty getting help

Canadians say they have less confidence and more difficulty accessing health care than Americans September 7, 2022 – A summer

Doc Deficits: Half of Canadians either can’t find a doctor or can’t get a timely appointment with the one they have

Lack of primary care access compounds with difficulty securing diagnostic tests, specialist appointments September 8, 2022 – When Dr. David

The Toll of Inflation: Soaring prices has four-in-five Canadians pinching pennies

Most believe grocery stores are taking advantage of inflation to boost profits August 22, 2022 – Statistics Canada may have

The Queen at 96: Canadians support growing monarchy abolition movement, would pursue after Elizabeth II dies

Prospects of ‘King Charles’ and ‘Queen Camilla’ received coldly by Canadians April 21, 2022 –While Canadians may from their hearts

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