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Credit Check: Canadians say U.S. deserves as much credit for Two Michaels’ release as their own country

Favourability of China continues to drop; just one-in-ten Canadians hold favourable views of the country October 7, 2021 – Canadians

Inflation Nation: Canadians struggle with rising costs; lower-income households brace for worse in the months ahead

Canadians from lower income households far more likely to say they’re worse off now than a year ago June 17,

Support for vaccine passports grows, seven-in-ten Canadians now support it in public spaces

Half of vaccinated Canadians now say unvaccinated do not deserve same priority for medical treatment September 8, 2021 – The

Much ado about nothing? Canadian voters return a parliament that looks much the same as the last

Preliminary results find the parties within one or two seats of where they were after 2019 election September 21, 2021

Expectation versus reality: Canadians divided about preferred election result, largely expect Liberal minority

Just half of Liberal voters want to see party form a majority; 81% of CPC voters say same of their

Energy: Canadians tilt towards prioritizing renewables; one-third would split investments between green and oil

While green, renewable energy sources are most popular, half (51%) support nuclear energy generation July 13, 2021 – As main

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