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One-quarter of young adults affected by smoke and fumes from recent wildfires say they’d think of moving

Majority say climate change is ‘crisis’ that needs immediate action; 10 per cent say it’s hopeless August 22, 2023 – As fires threaten Kelowna and Yellowknife, the latter forcing the evacuation of 20,000, Canadians continue to experience a summer of

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Clear Seas: In post-COVID world Canadians look for shipping industry to rebuild economy but balance environmental protection

Favourability of marine shipping in Canada remains high, four-in-five view industry positively November 30, 2020 – The invisible strings that tie the globe together have been more evident this year as the COVID-19 pandemic has strained trading networks and challenged

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Appui croissant en faveur de l’énergie nucléaire : deux répondants sur cinq se sentiraient à l’aise si une centrale s’installait dans un rayon de 50 km de leur domicile.

Trois Canadiens sur cinq souhaitent que l’énergie nucléaire se développe davantage au pays. This report is also available in English. Le 11 janvier 2023 – Puisque la tendance mondiale est d’atteindre la carboneutralité et de s’éloigner des combustibles fossiles, dont

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As support for nuclear energy increases, two-in-five say they’d be comfortable with a plant within 50 km

Three-in-five Canadians want further development of nuclear power in the country Le rapport est également disponible en français. January 11, 2023 – As the world pushes towards net-zero emissions targets, and away from the war-influenced roller coaster of fossil fuel prices,

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Climate conference cynicism: Vast majority have little faith leaders will make meaningful progress at COP26

Most take pessimistic view of efforts to reverse warming, feel it’s “probably” too late November 9, 2021 – The COP26 climate change summit has been billed as “make or break” for the planet, with nations coming together to commit to

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Energy: Canadians tilt towards prioritizing renewables; one-third would split investments between green and oil

While green, renewable energy sources are most popular, half (51%) support nuclear energy generation July 13, 2021 – As main federal party leaders embark on cross-country tours ahead of an all-but-certain election later this year, they are hoping to campaign

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