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Canadians say gun violence rising; prefer national policy over provincial regulations

Two-in-five (43%) say gun violence increasing where they live, including majorities in Montreal & Toronto May 16, 2022 – People in Canada, the United States and around the world were reminded once again of the horrific and angering human toll

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The Queen at 96: Canadians support growing monarchy abolition movement, would pursue after Elizabeth II dies

Prospects of ‘King Charles’ and ‘Queen Camilla’ received coldly by Canadians April 21, 2022 –While Canadians may from their hearts be toasting Queen Elizabeth II on her 96th birthday, enthusiastic congratulations over a rare personal milestone do not translate into

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Corruption in Canada: Seven-in-ten support an international court to fight global corruption

Most say Canada has a money laundering problem; half believe country doesn’t have power to stop it May 5, 2022 – Does Canada have a corruption problem? The people of this country are inclined to say “yes”. Results from a

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Reshaping Communities: Discontent with community design drives a push for more inclusive architecture

Accessibility, aesthetics, and sustainability equally important to Canadians in new building construction April 11, 2022 – Canada’s population dynamics have been changing in recent years, as the COVID-19 pandemic has drawn many Canadians away from urban centres and closer to

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Community Connections: For young adults, ‘belonging’ has little to do with neighbourhood

Many Canadians say their neighbourhoods are less friendly than in the past; COVID-19 a key driver March 30, 2022 – The myriad impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are only just beginning to be understood in Canadian society and will continue

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Cost of Living: Majority of mortgage holders walking a thin line as interest rate begins to rise

Two-thirds who say their housing costs make their budget tight also say it’s difficult to feed their families March 7, 2022 – As the Bank of Canada wields rate hikes to battle inflation, it does so with the cost of

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