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53% of Canadians would not send diplomats to 2022 Olympic Games; two-in-five would keep athletes home

Three-quarters (73%) of Canadians believe nothing Canada does can change China’s behaviour December 7, 2021 – Not since the 1980 Games in Moscow has Canada declined to send athletes – or officials – to the Olympics. But as the U.S.

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Omicron Unease: Worry over contracting COVID-19 rises on news of new variant; hopes for ‘normal’ holidays in question

Rebound in plans for festivities linked to spending time with only those who are vaccinated December 6, 2021 – Like the ghost of Christmas past, the stress of another holiday season during the COVID-19 pandemic is presenting itself in many

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Out of stock: Half of Christmas shoppers having difficulty finding items in store; many are starting early

Nearly half of lower income households say this year is more financially stressful than past years December 2, 2021 – It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but emotional and financial stress combined with supply chain

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For many Canadians, interest in remaining a constitutional monarchy will die with Queen Elizabeth

Most say they’ll be saddened by death of Queen, but don’t wish to continue with monarchy under Charles November 30, 2021 – The tiny island nation of Barbados is making a big change by becoming a republic and cutting ties

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Young leaders in Canada: Plurality emphasize restructuring society over improving existing systems

Over half of Canadians under 40 perceive legacy of Baby Boomers as negative November 10, 2021 – For many young Canadian leaders, starting over is preferred to building on the foundations provided by previous generations. A new study from the

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Remembrance Day & Reconciliation: Most Canadians agree with raising flags at federal buildings post Nov. 11

Flags have been at half-mast since May to mourn children found in unmarked graves at residential schools November 8, 2021 – As Canadians wrestle with the complexities of continuing to honour those who are buried in unmarked graves at former

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