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Federal Politics: Liberals open more daylight over CPC; but opposition leaders seen as better on core issues

Trudeau preferred on COVID-19, O’Toole leads on economic issues, Singh on affordability and poverty August 5, 2021 – The threat of a fourth wave of COVID-19, driven by the highly contagious Delta variant, has Canadian governments and health officials pulling

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Quitting Time? Nearly half who prefer to work from home would look for a new job if forced back post-pandemic

Work from home brought social, mental health challenges, but productivity as good or better than at office August 4, 2021 – The last thing that many Canadians working from home may wish to think about at this midpoint of summer

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Majority of Canadians say at least 75% should be vaccinated at home before Canada-U.S. border re-opens

Half say Trudeau has handled pandemic well, highest level since January July 15, 2021 – As tens of millions of vaccinated Canadians begin to re-imagine a post pandemic life, caution and concern remain a significant part of their psyches, especially

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Inflation Nation: Canadians struggle with rising costs; lower-income households brace for worse in the months ahead

Canadians from lower income households far more likely to say they’re worse off now than a year ago June 17, 2021 – On the cusp of throwing off the shackles of a 16-month pandemic, Canadians are already being weighed down

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Favourable vs. Capable: Party leaders earn more warmth from Canadians than trust when it comes to the job of PM

Liberals, New Democrats twice as likely as CPC voters to say they’ll vote by mail if able July 29, 2021 – The interruption of summer reverie, brought to Canadians by political volunteers acting on behalf of their leaders, is already

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