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Hockey Heaven: NHL’s all-Canadian division a hit with fans, even if it’s just supposed to be for one year

Hardcore fans twice as likely to say the North Division makes this season more exciting March 1, 2021 – Puck drop on the NHL season was three months later than usual this year and that’s not the only change. Due

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Canada’s other epidemic: As overdose deaths escalate, majority favour decriminalization of drugs

Public opinion reflects empirical data: half say opioid crisis worsening in their own communities February 24, 2021 – It is unlikely that Canadians were ever as galvanized by public health data as they have been over the last twelve months.

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Federal Politics: Trudeau approval sinks over vaccination rollout delays, but national political picture remains static

Liberal Party holds a three-point advantage in vote intent over opposition CPC February 22, 2021 – Criticism, uncertainty and delays have beset Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout and bedevilled the Trudeau government since the beginning of the year. Now, new data

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Canadians to Ottawa: In hiring next GG, cut pay, review job description, take final decision out of PM’s hands

Plurality would eliminate the position, as long-term support for Canada as constitutional monarchy wanes February 18, 2021 – Julie Payette’s unprecedented resignation under a cloud from her role as governor general is prompting more than the usual, predictable questions about

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Deficient delivery: Most view Canada’s vaccine rollout relative to other nations as a “failure”

Fewer than one-third believe everyone who wants a vaccine will receive one by September February 12, 2021 – Be it prosperity, human rights, education or international aid, Canadians have been more often used to seeing their nation as a leader

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