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Canadiens pick of Logan Mailloux underlines a broader problem in hockey culture

By Dave Korzinski Research Director The old adage goes that “actions speak louder than words.” Hockey fans can be forgiven then if they were upset by the Montreal Canadiens decision to draft 18-year-old prospect Logan Mailloux. Mailloux, a Canadian from

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Three things to watch as a Canadian federal election draws nearer

By Shachi Kurl, President Goodbye pandemic, hello campaign trail. Having gutted through a year and a half of a deadly and unprecedented health emergency, I know it’s nowhere among the things we’ve been looking forward to most. But the federal

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Canada is slowly shrugging off that lockdown mentality

By Shachi Kurl, President As suddenly as they came on — upending our lives, wrenching us away from our friends and loved ones and classrooms and places of work — the shackles of life with COVID-19 are beginning to loosen

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Crisis in Canada’s military could make recruitment even harder

By Shachi Kurl, President If it’s a crisis within Canada’s military you’re looking for, take your pick from an abundant smorgasbord. Removal of top general placed in charge of this country’s vaccine rollout? Check. First-in-decades laying of a mutiny charge

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How the families of those in long-term care see the COVID crisis should give us pause

By Shachi Kurl, President What happened to our most frail elders during the pandemic? As we try to come to terms with horrifying revelations that dozens of residents of an Ontario long term care facility died not from COVID-19 but from dehydration,

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First shots and second opinions in the third wave

By Shachi Kurl, President NACI SAID WHAT, NOW? Earlier this week, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) declared Canada’s supply of Johnson & Johnson vaccine was okay for those over 30, “if the individual prefers an earlier vaccine rather than

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