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Canadian Race Relations Foundation: Canada-China tensions and the impact on Canada’s Asian diaspora

Half of Chinese Canadians say Canada-China political tensions have led to negative treatment personally July 12, 2023 – After COVID-19 led to a reported surge in hate crimes and discrimination against Asian Canadians, ongoing tensions with the Chinese government are

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International Priorities: Defence rises in prominence as majority believes Canada’s military is lagging behind

Three-quarters of Canadians believe their country relies too much on the United States for its defence June 2, 2023 – Canada’s defence spending has been subject to international headlines in recent months after news that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau privately

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Election Interference: Canadians tilt towards calling for a public inquiry; majority call government response ‘evasive’

Past CPC voters three-times as likely as past Liberal, NDP voters to say this issue ‘very important’ May 26, 2023 – David Johnston’s decision not to call a public inquiry into what the Trudeau government knew and how it reacted

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China, Canada and Challenging Diplomacy: Two-in-three Canadians believe Beijing did attempt election interference

Majority of Liberal voters agree China likely tried to interfere; most say gov’t needs to take a harder line March 1, 2023 – The latest allegations to strain an already challenged diplomatic relationship between Ottawa and Beijing have a majority

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Canada’s Global Image: Half of Canadians believe nation’s international reputation is on the decline

More than half of Canadians want defence spending to increase to NATO target, but the rest don’t May 16, 2023 – A cache of leaked Pentagon documents recently confirmed a secret that many have suspected for years, as Prime Minister

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Views from (both sides of) the 49th: Canadians take more pride in their country than Americans do in their own

Nine-in-ten in Canada (89%) say their country is a safe place to live; half as many say this in U.S. (43%) March 23, 2023 – Americans and Canadians are inextricably linked, both by the largest international border, and by a

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