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Views from (both sides of) the 49th: Canadians take more pride in their country than Americans do in their own

Nine-in-ten in Canada (89%) say their country is a safe place to live; half as many say this in U.S. (43%) March 23, 2023 – Americans and Canadians are inextricably linked, both by the largest international border, and by a

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Mr. Biden Goes to Ottawa: China tops list of issues Canadians want PM-President summit to address

72% in Canada say the U.S. is this nation’s “best friend”; 80% say America takes it for granted March 21, 2023 – U.S. President Joe Biden arrives in Canada this week with a promise, per the White House, to “reaffirm

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Friends and foes: Most Canadians say Ottawa should approach China as a ‘threat’ or ‘enemy’

Views of U.S. warm from 2020 lows; three-in-five Canadians view America favourably March 10, 2023 – In the aftermath of a Chinese test of Canadian airspace, and, alleged attempts of interference in the last two Canadian elections, there are few

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China, Canada and Challenging Diplomacy: Two-in-three Canadians believe Beijing did attempt election interference

Majority of Liberal voters agree China likely tried to interfere; most say gov’t needs to take a harder line March 1, 2023 – The latest allegations to strain an already challenged diplomatic relationship between Ottawa and Beijing have a majority

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Russian invasion: 55% of Canadians say Ukraine should fight on, half as many say it’s time to negotiate

Support for Canada providing military aid declines from earlier in war – especially among past CPC voters February 22, 2023 – One year into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, new data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians more inclined

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Canadians strongly support COVID-19 test requirement for travellers from China, but also question its efficacy

One-in-eight believe the policy to be racist, including more than half of those who oppose it January 24, 2023 – China abandoning its COVID zero strategy has caused a ripple of concern around the globe as the world’s second-most populous

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