Canadian Culture Mindsets

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The Angus Reid Institute has undertaken a wide-ranging study to better understand the perspectives of Canadians on a host of issues – from gender and identity, to race, Indigenous issues and the legacy of colonization, to free speech and precautions taken to ensure the comfort of those who don’t wish to partake in charged debates.

To assist in analysis and understanding of this host of issues around the so-called “culture wars”, the Angus Reid Institute created a segmentation using responses to 21 different questions across said topics. For a full list of questions utilized, click here.

Respondents were then analyzed and broken into five groups based on the intensity of their views. Thinking in conventional terms, these range from more traditionally conservative positions to more modern progressive ones.

Approximately one-in-five Canadians comprise each of these groups, with the largest being the more centre-left leaning Quiet Accommodators. They champion progressive values but in a less militant form.

Regionally, there is a concentration of Defiant Objectors and Frustrated Skeptics in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba:

The two groups most likely to be on opposite ends of these debates are men between the ages of 35 and 54, and women younger than 35. Women of all ages are generally more likely than men to occupy space in the Quiet Accommodators and Zealous Activists:

Gender identity is also a factor. Those who do not identify as either male or female are far more likely to express views that place them within the Zealous Activists.

As one might expect, given the current state of discourse in Canada, much of these viewpoints tend to be heavily correlated with political perspectives:

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