Quality & comprehensive polling, no fees: Since 2014, more than three million Canadians have accessed ARI

A letter from Angus Reid, Chairman and Founder

The Angus Reid Institute began operations in 2014, after I made the decision to focus polling efforts on critical social, political, and economic issues in Canada. We make our data available to Canadians for FREE. No paywalls, no subscriptions. Just quality data to help understand our country and our world a little better, accessible on our website at angusreid.org.

We also don’t work with paying clients. While the Institute releases several research projects every year with partners, they are fellow non-profit, academic and quasi-governmental organizations who agree to 100 per cent transparency in every project. We co-fund half the cost of these projects. If an organization wants to ask leading questions or cherry pick the data that is released, we’re not the right organization for them.

Since 2014, we have surveyed Canadians on hundreds of issues. Investigating topics from COVID-19, to housing affordability, from three federal elections and three Conservative leadership races, to whether another Canadian team will ever win the Stanley Cup, we have been busy. We now have an archive with over 1,000 datasets freely available for your perusal, with new and enhanced search tools to help you navigate.

We are also working to increase the amount of French language content on our site, you can read our existing reports in French here.

While you’ve likely seen the Angus Reid name in the news, we take pride in keeping our website fresh and up to date. We thank you for the opportunity to share our progress with the Canadians we work hard to inform and enlighten.

In the first year we began tracking visits to our website, we were thrilled to see that our site was accessed by more than 160,000 Canadians. By 2020, we had surpassed 500,000 unique visits a year. In 2022, that number jumped to 780,000. Overall, more than 3.2 million Canadians have visited our site since 2014.

If you have visited us recently or shared our work on your social channels, thank you. And if you haven’t, stop by and explore. We have much more in store for this coming year.

All the best in 2023,