Team Trudeau, skating through spring with a little less grace

Team Trudeau, skating through spring with a little less grace

At the height of these hockey playoffs, let us pause for a moment and remember the way Team Liberal used to skate. Ballet on ice it was; Canadians oohed and aahed as Captain Trudeau carved his blades like Connor McDavid, shot the puck with hands soft as Blake Wheeler’s, with the precision of Mark Scheifele.

Today, the Liberal cabinet more resembles a team of third-line grinders, still dominant, but making ugly hits and taking unnecessary penalties.

Amid the genuinely tricky files this government is handling – think NAFTA, pipelines and marijuana – the squad once known for its grace and style seems to also be displaying a not-infrequent propensity to punch itself in the mouth.

Of the many brouhahas that put the Liberals on the defensive this spring, consider their needless play on those Canada Summer Jobs Program applications.

For the rest of this piece, please view it on the Ottawa Citizen’s site, where it was initially published.

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