Story 9 – Carbon Pricing Tension

Story 9 – Carbon Pricing Tension

One of the most contentious issues between the federal and provincial governments this year centered on the federal carbon tax. Beginning in January, 2019, jurisdictions that do no have a mechanism in place to put a price on carbon and reduce emissions will have a carbon tax imposed upon them. As the year went along, Liberal government ally and carbon pricing proponent Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was replaced by perhaps the most vocal opponent to the idea, new Premier Doug Ford. The Conservative Premier formed a triumvirate of opposition with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, and was joined by Alberta’s Rachel Notley after the government failed to secure the expansion of the TransMountain pipeline this year.

Notably, however, for the Trudeau government, support for carbon tax among the public moved into majority territory after the announcement that 90 per cent of revenues in jurisdictions that face the federal carbon tax will be returned to households within them.

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