Story 8 – Indigenous Issues divide country

Story 8 – Indigenous Issues divide country

The Trudeau government has made a commitment since the 2015 election to reset the relationship with First Nations. But the challenges of this relationship – and how Canadians perceive it – were evident in a June study from the Angus Reid Institute. In fact, Canadians were more inclined to feel the government is paying too much attention to Indigenous issues, rather than too little.

Further complicating this issue for policy-makers, Canadians – Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike – are deeply divided about some fundamental questions regarding the first human inhabitants of this land. From Indigenous self-government, to the legacy of residential schools, to the unique status of Indigenous Canadians, people in the country voice significant disagreement about the path forward.

Read the full report here:

Truths of reconciliation: Canadians are deeply divided on how best to address Indigenous issues

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