Story 1 – Ford Nation takes Ontario

Story 1 – Ford Nation takes Ontario

After years of discontent with the Liberal government under Kathleen Wynne, all signs pointed to change in the Ontario election. In February, however, odds on favourite to become the next Premier, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Patrick Brown, stepped down after allegations of sexual assault. Who would be the next leader, and step into the driver’s seat in the provincial race?

While the Angus Reid Institute’s data suggested that Christine Elliott or Caroline Mulroney represented the choice with the broadest appeal, Doug Ford emerged as the PCPO leader heading into the June election.

Ontario voters were torn heading to the ballot boxes. Indeed, 50 per cent said they would be supporting a party because they believed in their principles, while 50 per cent said they would be supporting their chosen party because they simply disliked the others more.

Ford Nation won a majority government with 40.5 per cent of the vote. Notably, his end of year approval rating showed this divide, with 42 per cent of residents approving of his performance and 49 per cent disapproving.

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