Permissive Reformers

September 27, 2016 – This group comprises 14 per cent of the Canadian population. Their population distribution is close to average, though they skew slightly younger – one-third (33%) are in the 18 to 34 age group. They’re the least likely to say they’re religious (49%).

Members of this group are most likely to be based in urban centres, four-in-ten can be found in either Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto. They’re significantly more likely to hold a university education than the other segments – more than one-in-three (37%) do, 10 per cent higher than the next closest group.

This group values aid for marginalized populations very highly. Nine-in-ten (89%) say that we should be working toward greater acceptance of the LGBTQ community, instead of focusing more on traditional family structures. They are almost twice as likely as the next closest segment (61% to 34%) to say that Canada should be focused on encouraging cultural diversity instead of integrating minority groups into mainstream Canadian society. They are also nearly unanimous in saying there should be more public support for disadvantaged people (91%) and that Canada should expand policies aimed at improving the situation of Indigenous Canadians (90%).