Fractious politics, economic fears, China woes – welcome, 2020

Fractious politics, economic fears, China woes – welcome, 2020

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director

The arrival of cannabis edibles comes just in time for the mellowing and pain relief we’re going to need next year. One can, of course, also avail oneself of non-chemical approaches, so this is also a very good time to do some Googling about the beneficial effects of deep breathing, mindfulness and brisk exercise.

If the events of 2019 left you as exhausted as me, dear readers, you have little time to restock your mental and emotional reserves. I, for example, continue to be triggered by the mere acronym SNC, to say nothing of the constant election footing upon which we find ourselves.

Among other things, what awaits us in 2020 is a mix of the unknown with respect to the Canadian economy and political unfinished business both here and south of the border.

Macroeconomic indicators suggest Canada will experience growth next year, but not that much, and not that fast, particularly in the first quarter. No one’s saying the R-word (that’s good!) but Canadians are reflecting a sense of unease.

Nationally, half (52 per cent) tell the Angus Reid Institute they’re worried about themselves or someone in their household losing a job because of the economy. More than one-in-three (35 per cent) say their own personal finances are in poor shape. What does this portend for spending and investment in the year ahead?

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