Faith Based Traditionalists

September 28, 2016 – This group comprises 20 per cent of the Canadian population. This segment is made up primarily of the centre-right. One-in-four (24%) are rural-based, the highest number of any group, while they’re split close to evenly by both gender (49% male, 51% female) and age (36% 18 to 34, 32% 35 to 54, 32% over 55).

Notably, members of this segment are most likely to be either a first generation immigrant (both parents born outside Canada), or to have immigrated themselves (26%). They are by far the most religious cohort. One-in-three (33%) Faith Based Traditionalists report going to church at least once a week or more, compared to the Canadian average of just one-in-ten (11%). For this reason, members are much more likely than others, in fact, almost twice as likely as the next closest group (46%) to say that we should publicly celebrate the role of faith in Canadian lives (83%), instead of removing it from public spaces.

This group takes a more traditional view of social issues. On the question of doctor-assisted dying, while eight-in-ten members from each other segment say this practice should be more easily accessible, this group goes the other direction – three-quarters (75%) say there should be greater safeguards and less accessibility.