Analysis: Exhausted and frustrated by 2023, Canadians hope for better in 2024

By Shachi Kurl, President

Jan. 5, 2024 – The thing about a “new year” is that it’s never really new at all. Oh sure, we may sing the songs, change over the calendars (yes, I still use the paper ones as wall art, judge me), use the demarcation of time as a moment to celebrate or reflect. But in the end, the joys and sorrows, hopes and anxieties we carried in the last moments of the dying year don’t magically disappear in the first moments of the new one.

Little wonder then, that Canadians find themselves at varying levels of excitement – and worry – when they stare down the long, blank, unknown, unwritten road of the year ahead. According to late December public opinion survey results from the Angus Reid Institute, people in this country were only too happy to bid adieu to 2023.

“Exhausting” is how nearly two-in-five described the year. Self-assessments of personal satisfaction and overall quality of life had also declined over a seven-year period. Nearly a third of middle-aged Canadians were likely to describe the last 12 months as “frustrating.” Given the cost-of-living crisis that’s put this age cohort squarely in the crosshairs of hair-raising rent increases and toe-curling mortgage renewals, the word represents an understatement.

Read more from the article in the Ottawa Citizen here.

Image Credit – Jan Vasa/Unsplash

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