Two-thirds of Canadians support some involvement in American-led action against ISIS

Two-in-three Canadians support some form of involvement in the American-led coalition’s military fight against ISIS – but are split on what that involvement should be.

Those are the findings of the latest online public opinion poll of Canadian adults from Angus Reid Global (ARG). 

The survey – paid for and commissioned by ARG – show a majority of Canadians (58%) say they have been following ISIS-related events and developments in the news.

Overall, 41 per cent of those Canadians surveyed say the US-led response to ISIS terror, including airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, is the “right action”, while more than a quarter (28%) say it’s “too little”.

On the issue of Canada’s involvement, nearly two-in-five (38%) say they back Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s commitment to send military advisors to support the coalition.

While Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says Canada isn’t currently contemplating a ground combat role in the fight against ISIS, 28 per cent of Canadians say they “would support Canada getting more involved, including military intervention.”

It is of note that there are no significant differences in opinion on these questions based on past federal voting preferences.

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