Q1 2022

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Provincial spotlight: Ontario, Alberta governments heavily criticized on nearly every aspect of provincial management

In Quebec, surging Conservative Party pressures CAQ government, opposition ahead of October election March 31, 2022 – As if Canadians

Back to work(place): As employers beckon, telecommuters grow more entrenched at home

Those working from home more likely than those who don’t to say their life improved over last two years March

Two Years of COVID-19: Half of Canadians say their mental health has worsened; women under 55 hit hardest

Physical health a challenge – all age-gender groups more likely to say it has worsened versus improved March 11, 2022

COVID at Two: Vast majorities say the pandemic has pulled Canadians apart, brought out the worst in people

Seven-in-ten believe Canada’s health-care system is not well-prepared to handle a future pandemic March 10, 2022 – Two years. Of

Blockade Backlash: Three-in-four Canadians tell convoy protesters, ‘Go Home Now’

Two-thirds say Justin Trudeau’s conduct has “worsened” situation; several public figures condemned February 14, 2022 – If the goal of

Incidence of Omicron: One-in-five Canadians report COVID-19 infection in their household since Dec. 1

Majority (54%) now say they want all restrictions to end – increase of 15-points since early January January 31, 2022

Minority Management: Half of Canadians expect another federal election within two years

Liberals hold five-point edge in vote intention; two-in-five approve of Trudeau January 27, 2022 – Months after a fall election

Unconcerned about Omicron: More than four-in-five now believe a COVID-19 infection would be mild, manageable

For the first time, plurality want Canada to shift its vaccination efforts to focus on less wealthy countries January 26,

Community Connections: For young adults, ‘belonging’ has little to do with neighbourhood

Many Canadians say their neighbourhoods are less friendly than in the past; COVID-19 a key driver March 30, 2022 –

Premiers’ Performance: Ford continues to fall in approval, Houston rides high on strength of COVID-19 handling

Manitoba’s Stefanson garners lowest approval in early months of her tenure January 17, 2022 – New data from the non-profit

Omicron Inevitability? 55% say they’ll be infected regardless of precautions; two-in-five would end all restrictions

Parents stress balance of physical and mental health for children, lean toward keeping schools open January 13, 2022 – The

Q4 2021

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Five issues to watch in 2022

December 27, 2021 – It’s the holiday season and Canadians are being told to limit their social contacts as the

Omicron Unease: Worry over contracting COVID-19 rises on news of new variant; hopes for ‘normal’ holidays in question

Rebound in plans for festivities linked to spending time with only those who are vaccinated December 6, 2021 – Like

COVID & Border Crossings: Little consensus over dropping molecular test for returning travellers – but two-in-five want rapid tests at the border

Plurality support switch to rapid antigen tests; 1/3 would drop all testing for fully vaccinated travellers November 23, 2021 –

Vaccine Passport or pink slip? 70% say health workers, teachers & others should be fired for refusing inoculation

Canadians split on whether vaccine focus should remain on boosters or shift to low-income countries November 15, 2021 – As

Dwindling group of unvaccinated cite ‘personal freedom’ and ‘health concerns’ as main reasons for dodging the jab

Three-quarters of Canada’s unvaccinated say side effects from vaccine are more serious than virus itself Editor’s Note: This report was

Support for vaccine passports grows, seven-in-ten Canadians now support it in public spaces

Half of vaccinated Canadians now say unvaccinated do not deserve same priority for medical treatment September 8, 2021 – The

Vaxx to School? Three-quarters of Canadian parents believe teachers, school staff should be vaccinated

Nine-in-ten parents prefer in-class learning; majority of parents comfortable with kids back in school September 3, 2021 – Back to

Q3 2021

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Kids and COVID: Half of Canadian parents with children aged 5-11 ready to vaccinate their little ones ASAP

Nearly one-quarter say they will not vaccinate their children aged 5-11 October 18, 2021 – Based on strong hints from

CRB to the curb?: Majority want benefits to end before next year, including two-in-five who would cut them immediately

Nine-in-ten identify rising cost of living as a greater concern than job or income security October 20, 2021 – With

Half of vaccinated Canadians say they’re ‘unlikely’ to spend time around those who remain unvaccinated

The vaccinated say it’s OK to ask about vaccination status, unvaccinated say it’s personal, not OK July 20, 2021 –

Quitting Time? Nearly half who prefer to work from home would look for a new job if forced back post-pandemic

Work from home brought social, mental health challenges, but productivity as good or better than at office August 4, 2021

COVID-19: Fourth wave renews debate over community restrictions in Western Canada

COVID-19 handling plagues Kenney, Pallister; Ford recovers, Legault continues to receive praise August 13, 2021 – Canadians continue to cope

Politics and the Fourth Wave: As concern over COVID rises, are the Liberals poised to benefit?

Two-in-five 2019 Green voters jump ship to the Liberals, CPC base remains the most loyal August 12, 2021 – As

Majority of Canadians say at least 75% should be vaccinated at home before Canada-U.S. border re-opens

Half say Trudeau has handled pandemic well, highest level since January July 15, 2021 – As tens of millions of

Long-Term Care in Canada: Three-quarters say significant change is needed; only one-in-five believe it will happen

55 per cent of Canadians say they would accept a tax increase to fund improvements in LTC July 26, 2021

Unvaccinated? Meet the Unsympathetic: Most inoculated Canadians indifferent to whether the non-jabbed get sick

Most CPC supporters support making vaccines mandatory in public places to encourage immunization August 17, 2021 – The first few

Q2 2021

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Vaccine Passports: Canadians show strong support for use in international travel, fewer willing to comply at home

Personal concern over contracting COVID-19 dips, but even vaccinated Canadians remain anxious May 26, 2021 – As some provinces loosen

COVID-19: Seven-in-ten oppose sharing vaccines globally until vaccinations in Canada are complete

Vaccine hesitation remains highest in AB and SK, where one-in-five opposed to or unsure of inoculation June 14, 2021 –

Long-term Care in Canada: For those with family in LTC facilities during COVID-19 pandemic, size mattered

Relatives of LTC residents offer more praise to smaller, privately run homes in handling pandemic May 25, 2021 – It

Despite months of mixed messages, most Canadians who received an AstraZeneca vaccine have no regrets

Vaccine hesitancy plunges to three per cent, but one-tenth of population remain unwilling to be jabbed May 17, 2021 –

What we’re learning from COVID-19 could help us confront climate change

By Shachi Kurl, President As Canadians navigate byzantine vaccination systems, fight for paid sick days, and grieve for otherwise healthy

Vaccine Vacillation: Confidence in AstraZeneca jumps amid increased eligibility; trust in Johnson & Johnson tumbles

Hesitancy remains highest in Alberta where 28 per cent say they will not be vaccinated or remain unsure April 26,

Ford Fumbles: Ontarians most likely to blame their provincial government for “preventable” third wave

Nearly twice as many Canadians say third wave was preventable as say it was inevitable April 23, 2021 – It

COVID-19: Third wave drives surge of criticism for Kenney, Ford, and other premiers

One-in-five 18-to-34-year old’s ‘very concerned’ about illness, highest level since pandemic began April 9, 2021 – Early hope for a

All but AstraZeneca? Most unvaccinated Canadians uncomfortable with brand; fewer would take the jab if offered

Only two-in-five who want to be vaccinated say they’d be comfortable receiving AZ vaccine April 12, 2021 – Weeks of

Quarantine Questions: Most support 3-day hotel stay for returning air travellers, but far fewer think it’s effective

Most want border with United States to remain closed until at least autumn April 15, 2021 – ‘No time soon’

Q1 2021

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Religious Canadians praying for return to in-person worship, but won’t forsake online services in future

Half of Canadians who regularly attended religious services pre-pandemic “very keen” to go back April 1, 2021 – Easter may

CBC: COVID-19: Canadians’ willingness to be inoculated right away increases again as new vaccine approved

Concern over personally falling ill from COVID-19 plunges to lowest level since July 2020 March 8, 2021 – A winter

Deficient delivery: Most view Canada’s vaccine rollout relative to other nations as a “failure”

Fewer than one-third believe everyone who wants a vaccine will receive one by September February 12, 2021 – Be it

Vaccine Vexation: Confidence in Trudeau government’s procurement, distribution of COVID-19 vaccine plummets

Number of Canadians saying Liberals doing a “poor job” procuring vaccine near doubles since December January 29, 2021 – Is

A terrible, tough, or just average year ahead? Canadians brace for more COVID-19 challenges in the next 12 months

Half now say that ‘back to normal’ won’t happen until 2022, if ever February 3, 2021 – As new strains

COVID-19: Two-in-three Canadians say borders should be closed to keep sun-seekers close to home

Nine-in-ten say politicians must set an example and stay home January 14, 2021 – What happens when heightened anxiety from

Itching for injection: Number of Canadians who say they want to be vaccinated ASAP against COVID-19 surges

Half of Canadians believe the amount of time they’ll have to wait for vaccination is too long January 11, 2021

Q4 2020

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What to do when it’s over? After COVID-19, Canadians long to live stress-free, hug their friends and travel

Return-to-normal not expected by most until at least next fall, if ever December 22, 2020 – For many Canadians, the

COVID Christmas: High anxiety around surging infections, but many won’t commit to staying home for the holidays

For those who mark Christmas religiously, many will turn to tech and scripture in lieu of church December 7, 2020

Pfizer, Moderna & Meh: Highly effective COVID-19 vaccines don’t impact Canadian desire for immunization

Canadians no more, no less willing to be vaccinated against novel coronavirus than two months ago November 20, 2020 –

More Canadians willing to roll up their sleeves right away as national COVID-19 vaccine rollout begins

Majority express confidence in federal government’s ability to effectively manage vaccine distribution December 14, 2020 – Perhaps it was the

Questions over vaccine rollout drive negative perceptions of Trudeau government’s crisis management

PM’s own political fortunes untouched by worsening views of federal COVID-19 management December 3, 2020 – As Canadians watch Britons

Provincial Spotlight: As pandemic wears on, governments losing support on economic, COVID-19 management

Political realities in Alberta and Manitoba change over the year with opposition parties gaining strength December 10, 2020 – New

COVID-19 across the border: Americans say they’re far more stressed and financially pressed than Canadians do

People in neither country confident their neighbours will do what’s needed to reverse rising case numbers November 2, 2020 –

Most say Trudeau government handling COVID-19 crisis well, but Liberals, CPC remain in virtual tie on vote intent

Canadians equally divided over whether they approve or disapprove of prime minister November 10, 2020 – Promising news about a

Isolation, Loneliness, and COVID-19: Pandemic leads to sharp increase in mental health challenges, social woes

Percentage of older Canadians using video calling apps has nearly doubled since last year October 14, 2020 – As COVID-19

Fewer than half of Canadians say they’d get a COVID-19 inoculation as soon as possible

Number of Canadians indicating they’d seek vaccination ASAP drops seven points since mid-summer October 2, 2020 – For hundreds of

Q3 2020

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Philanthropy, Pandemic & Political Scandal: COVID-19 curtails donor giving; WE affair weakens trust in charities

Nearly two-in-five Canadian donors say they’re giving less since COVID-19 pandemic began September 17, 2020 – As it has done

Second Wave Angst: COVID-19 concern levels rebound to April highs as Canadians brace for worse to come

One-quarter continue to suffer from poor mental health as pandemic wears on September 30, 2020 – As public health officials

As election talk heats up, one-quarter of Canadians cool to voting in person during pandemic

Centre-left voters are more hesitant than Conservatives to head to a polling place this fall September 10, 2020 – As

COVID-19 Compliance: One-in-five Canadians making little to no effort to stop coronavirus spread

‘Cynical Spreaders’ disregard most safety precautions, view public health officials negatively August 17, 2020 – Canadians enter their sixth month

COVID-19: Three-in-five worry about side-effects of a vaccine; many plan to take a ‘wait and see’ approach

While some are hesitant to get vaccine, four-in-five say they would do it to protect their family August 4, 2020

As pandemic endures, three-in-ten Canadians say restrictions in their own province don’t go far enough

Albertans and Manitobans more critical of provincial response than those in the rest of the country August 13, 2020 –

Canadians’ personal financial circumstances improving, but majority will defer major purchases in the next year

Two-thirds say they’re spending less on non-essential items over the past month July 23, 2020 – As communities try to

COVID-19: Canadian concern over falling ill on the rise again

Majority of Canadians wearing mask most of the time in public (55%), many wear one rarely, never (45%) July 16,

COVID-19: Half of Canadians confident their community would lock down again if second wave arrives

Half fear a second wave would do worse economic damage than first July 20, 2020 – Temperatures are rising across

Q2 2020

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As COVID-19 rewrites playbook on social safety net, majorities support idea of basic income of up to 30K

But who will pay? Two-thirds reject increase in their own taxes, most feel wealthy should be responsible June 18, 2020

Three months after COVID-19 pandemic declared, Canadians express ‘fatigue’, are social distancing less

Young people, ages 18 to 34, are least likely to be continuing to follow advice from health officials June 15,

So long, office space? Two-thirds of Canadians who work from home expect it to continue after pandemic

Half feel the worst of COVID-19’s economic impacts are over, while half feel the worst is yet to come June

Despite COVID-19 shutdown, Canadians personal financial optimism for the coming year improves

Half confident in Trudeau to prevent worsening health crisis, fewer confident in economic stewardship June 4, 2020 – The COVID-19

From sea to locked down sea: Most want US border to stay closed, reluctant to welcome interprovincial visitors

One-in-three say their provincial border should be closed, half say guidance from officials is enough May 22, 2020 – With

COVID-19 side effects: 38% of Canadians have missed medical appointments or procedures due to restrictions

Among those who aren’t accessing medical care, ¾ say it has had a negative impact on their health May 27,

Don’t take me out to the ball game: Sports fans eager for empty arena games, hesitant to attend in person

Asked if they would go and sit in a crowd in October or November one-quarter of avid fans say ‘no

Canadian opinions of China reach new low

85% of Canadians say Chinese government has not been honest or transparent about pandemic May 13, 2020 – The latest

Kids & COVID-19: Canadian children are done with school from home, fear falling behind, and miss their friends

More than half of children 10-17 years old say what they miss most during the shutdown are their friends May

Perpetual Pandemic: Canadians say post-COVID-19 ‘return to normal’ is far off

68% now say it will be at least six months before normal life resumes, up from 43% in April May

Worry, Gratitude & Boredom: As COVID-19 affects mental, financial health, who fares better; who is worse?

One-quarter of Canadians among the ‘Hardest Hit’; say both mental health and finances have worsened April 27, 2020 – Mental

Eager to reconnect: Canadians most excited to hug friends, eat out, go back to work when COVID-19 threat recedes

Timeline for ‘back to normal’ continues to lengthen, with most now saying it will be three months or longer April

Canadians won’t rush back to normal life – even when government says it’s OK

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director In Donald Trump’s America, where new infections and mounting deaths show the novel coronavirus pandemic

Blame, bullying and disrespect: Chinese Canadians reveal their experiences with racism during COVID-19

Half say they have been called names or otherwise insulted during COVID-19 outbreak June 22, 2020 – It has been

COVID-19 & return to normal: when restrictions lift, most would wait at least two weeks before resuming routines

Parks and workplaces top the list of places Canadians would like to see re-opened first April 20, 2020 – As

COVID-19: Canadians near-unanimous in expectations of economic woe as pandemic enters second month

Three-in-ten want more information from government, health officials to fully understand situation April 6, 2020 – As the impacts of

The incidence of COVID-19 infection in Canada? New survey points to over 100,000 households

Survey reinforces need for social distancing April 8, 2020 – As Canada enters its second month of the COVID-19 crisis,

Holy Week at Home: Canadians of faith turn to prayer & tech as COVID-19 disrupts Easter and other celebrations

Significant segment of Canadians supported by faith communities since COVID-19 outbreak began April 10, 2020 – Canada’s Catholics will not

Q1 2020

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COVID-19 Carelessness: Which Canadians say pandemic threat is ‘overblown’? And how are they behaving in turn?

Those most skeptical of the outbreak least likely to engage in hygiene and distancing actions March 30, 2020 – Since

COVID-19 Checkup: Confidence in local health systems slips Ontario & BC, majority report “social distancing”

Majorities continue to say their provincial, federal governments doing a “good job” handling the crisis March 26, 2020 – As

COVID-19: Those least equipped to endure economic downturn bearing the brunt of layoffs

One-third worry their household will be late on a mortgage or rent payment as outbreak roils economy March 25, 2020

The silence in our cities is eerie, beautiful – and a call to care for others

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I find the silence deafening. I went

Coronavirus Reckoning: As outbreak hits home, Canadians brace for worse on health, economic fronts

Half fear illness will severely harm someone close; 65% worry for personal finances amid chaotic market March 17, 2020 –

COVID-19 Concern: Half in Canada now worried about risk of infection among friends, family and community

Three-in-ten say they’ll avoid large events such concerts and hockey games March 11, 2020 – As Canada records its first

As they work on coronavirus strategy, the Liberals struggle with their own poor political health

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director Across the country, Canadians are wondering aloud about their risk and exposure to COVID-19. But

Half of Canadians taking extra precautions as coronavirus continues to spread around the globe

Just one-quarter concerned about contracting virus; many more concerned about global impact February 5, 2020 – As the number of

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