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Metro Vancouver transit referendum: Who voted yes, who voted no, and what will it mean for the region?

Despite their defeat, yes voters were more likely to say holding the transit plebiscite was a good idea. July 3, 2015 – Now what? After a fractious 10-week campaign, Elections BC released the results of the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite Thursday,

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Canucks fans stand by Tortorella, but grim about team’s playoff prospects

Majority of British Columbians surveyed are on side with Canucks players, coach; but say a major trade is needed for success this season

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Calgary and Vancouver Praised by Citizens for Services, Environment

People in Toronto and Montreal are more critical of their municipal governments, but laud diversity and culture respectively.

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Vancouverites Grow Tired of Occupiers, Call for End to Protest

While the Occupy Vancouver protest has gained traction as an election issue, it still trails topics like sanitation, public safety and quality of life.

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Canadians Are Supportive of Insite and Oppose Moves to Shut it Down

British Columbians are more likely to endorse the facility’s operations and the concept of “harm reduction” than respondents in other provinces.

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Canadians Reject Any Changes to Stanley Park’s Name

Two-in-five respondents believe Canada has “gone too far” in accommodating to Aboriginal peoples. Most Canadians oppose the recent proposal to either amend or change the name of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found. Last

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