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Wall Finishes the Year as Canada’s Most Popular Premier

Quebec’s Pauline Marois is one of only four provincial heads of government with the approval of at least two-in-five respondents.

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Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall is Still Best Rated Premier in Canada

New Brunswick’s David Alward increased his rating by 11 points; sharp fall for Newfoundland and Labrador’s Kathy Dunderdale.

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Wall Best, Charest Worst as Canadians Rank Their Premiers

All the recently re-elected heads of government improved their standing in the final quarter of the year.

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Redford Starts Tenure as Premier with Large Lead in Alberta

Health care is the most important issue facing the province, followed by the economy.

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Wall, Dunderdale and Selinger are Best Rated Canadian Premiers

Three heads of government who are seeking a fresh term this fall hold the support of more than half of respondents in their respective provinces.

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Saskatchewan’s Wall Remains the Most Popular Canadian Premier

British Columbia’s Christy Clark debuts at 36 per cent—20 points higher than the premier she replaced.

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