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Canadians are missing Ron MacLean in host role as they adjust to new Hockey Night in Canada broadcast

November 11, 2014 – Three-quarters of Canadians who watch Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) say Ron MacLean’s reduced role on the iconic show has hurt the Hockey Night in Canada brand, while two-in-five say George Stroumboulopoulos is a credible replacement

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NFL in Canada? Not at the cost of CFL: poll

Canadians following both football leagues don’t want to see NFL in Canada if it means the demise of the CFL

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Canadians Blame Owners for NHL Lockout, Most Expect to Lose Season

Two-in-five hockey fans in Canada are watching minor league games more often than before the lockout, and 31% have switched to NFL Football.

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Canadians Want to Ban Head Shots from Hockey, But No Consensus on Fights

The proportion of Canadians and hockey fans who are satisfied with the NHL’s efforts in looking after player safety has increased since March.

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Canadians, Hockey Fans Want to Ban Head Shots from the Game

After watching the Zdeno Chara hit, respondents overwhelmingly believe that the player got off easy.

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Canadians Would Welcome New NHL Team, But Not With Federal Money

About three-in-five Canadians would like to see a team in Winnipeg and Quebec City, but only one third would consent to Ottawa footing the bill.

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