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Prescription Drugs

A significant – and apparently increasing – number of Canadians are unable to afford the medications being prescribed to them, and they’re compensating by skipping doses, splitting pills, or simply not filling their prescriptions. According to a wide-ranging study by

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Cutting the Cord

Millennials in Canada are increasingly pulling the plug and hanging up the receiver as they opt out of traditional television and phone service in their homes. The survey finds three-in-ten have either cancelled or never subscribed to home cable service,

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Canadian Housing Segments

To view the project, click here. Vancouver Toronto  

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A study from the Angus Reid Institute finds generational dynamics are at play in the battle for gridiron supremacy between the CFL and the NFL. When it comes to Canadians’ pigskin preferences, one-in-five say they follow action on both sides

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Canadian Views of Other Countries

Nearly one-in-two Canadians say the Trudeau government’s decision to stand by an inherited arms deal with Saudi Arabia is the wrong one, while the majority are disinclined to pursue economic, military or cultural ties with the Kingdom. And while Canadian

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