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Analysis: Trudeau momentum spurs party to “sunny ways” majority as ever-soft NDP voters stampede to Liberals

Among “head versus heart” voters, Liberals won over hearts, spurred by desire for change October 20, 2015 – On the way to a majority government mandate, the Liberal Party of Canada led by Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau continued to build on

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Election 2015: Liberals edge Conservatives as volatile electorate mulls final choice before last campaign weekend

Momentum and softness of NDP vote give Liberals more room to grow late in writ period, CPC appears stalled October 16, 2015 – Election 2015 enters its final weekend with the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) holding a four point

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Election 2015: Race narrows to Conservative-Liberal contest with NDP in third place; soft voters still cause for volatility

Trudeau’s personal appeal among factors propelling Liberals forward October 9, 2015 – As the Election 2015 campaign heads into the long weekend and the start of advance voting, the ‘Mulcair Momentum’ that looked like it could push the New Democratic

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Election 2015: Conservatives edge forward leaving NDP and Liberals locked in second-place tie

Vast uncommitted voters may cause white-knuckle finish, say they’ll lock in choices “just before” Oct 19 October 1, 2015 – With only 19 days left in the 2015 federal election campaign, a volatile electorate is enabling the Conservative Party of

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Election 2015: Canadians profess decline in international reputation in last decade by margin of 2:1

Yet Stephen Harper still seen as best leader to represent this country on the world stage September 28, 2015 – As Canada’s main political party leaders prepare to square off in a debate on foreign affairs and international issues, Canadians

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Election 2015: Promises, Promises – Canadians weigh in on the economic proposals of the parties

Poll asking Canadians to rate party’s fiscal promises finds soft, committed CPC voters on different tracks September 16, 2015 – In an election campaign dominated by economic issues, which party’s fiscal promises resonate most with Canadians? Which are falling flat?

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