Story #5 – The New West and Wexit

Story #5 – The New West and Wexit

By 2036, Canada’s four Westernmost provinces are projected to be home to more than a third of the country. Over the next 20 years, growth in the West is expected to outpace every other region in the nation.

But as the West grows, so too does the chorus of voices expressing frustration over the economic influence and political clout these provinces believe they should have, relative to what they do have.

Against the backdrop of oil and gas production in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern BC, pressure to find markets for these products, and a fierce debate over whether Canada’s resource economy should be promoted or suppressed, public opinion data reveals antipathy towards Ottawa and national regulators that hasn’t been seen in nearly two generations.

With these issues dominating conversations and galvanizing populations across the country, the Angus Reid Institute carried out an exhaustive study of Western Canada – through the eyes of both its own residents and those who live elsewhere in the country.

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