Story 10 – The #MeToo Movement

by Angus Reid | December 26, 2018 5:28 am

As women worldwide were bringing attention to the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, both in the workplace and outside, with the hashtag #MeToo, the Angus Reid Institute examined public opinion in Canada regarding the experiences of Canadian women and views of the movement from both men and women. Fully half (52%) of Canadian women report being sexually harassed in the workplace and large majorities of both genders say #metoo discussions are long overdue. Nearly all women also say that they utilize their own strategies at work to avoid situations where they fear they may be harassed. While most expect the long-term impact of the movement to be positive, men and women alike express frustration with interpreting “where the line is” in day-to-day interactions at work.

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#Metoo: Moment or movement?[1]

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