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Mission against ISIS: Three-in-five Canadians say government should maintain or increase bombing

Polarized politics drive divided opinions; ½ Liberal voters prefer option other than Trudeau plan November 19, 2015 – The aftermath of the attack on Paris sees Canadians increasingly reticent about the Trudeau government’s vow to pull fighter jets out of

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Syrian Refugee Resettlement: tight timelines are key driver of opposition to Ottawa’s New Year plan

Canadians polarized on issue in general, with just over half rejecting plan to accept 25,000 refugees by Jan. 1 2016 November 18, 2015 – In the ongoing debate among Canadians regarding the Trudeau government’s plan to re-settle 25,000 Syrian refugees

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Canadians excited about Trudeau win, less so about key campaign promises on refugees, TFSAs, pot

Opinions over what Trudeau should tackle first depend on where Canadians live, how they voted November 2, 2015 – As Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau puts the final touches on a soon-to-be-revealed cabinet, Canadians are expressing confidence in his ability to lead

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Analysis: On anniversary of Parliament Hill attack, a review of Canadian opinions on domestic security

How public opinion on the terrorism file has evolved over the last 12 months October 21, 2015 – Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the Parliament Hill shooting, an attack that has shaped much of the domestic safety discourse over

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Election 2015: Conservatives edge forward leaving NDP and Liberals locked in second-place tie

Vast uncommitted voters may cause white-knuckle finish, say they’ll lock in choices “just before” Oct 19 October 1, 2015 – With only 19 days left in the 2015 federal election campaign, a volatile electorate is enabling the Conservative Party of

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Election 2015: Canadians profess decline in international reputation in last decade by margin of 2:1

Yet Stephen Harper still seen as best leader to represent this country on the world stage September 28, 2015 – As Canada’s main political party leaders prepare to square off in a debate on foreign affairs and international issues, Canadians

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