A Letter from the Chair

A Letter from the Chair

Three years ago, I started a new chapter in my long career in polling research with the launch of the Angus Reid Institute: an independent, non-commercial organization solely devoted to public interest research. Since 2014, the Institute has conducted over 300 studies which have probed the experience and attitudes of Canadians on issues as diverse as sexual harassment at work to views on Canada’s place in the world. Some of our work has examined views on breaking issues of the day such as the Omar Khadr settlement announced in July 2017 while others have looked beyond the headlines to explore deeper sociological undercurrents including shifting Canadian values, the generational divide and changing perspectives on family life.

The response of Canadians to the work of the Institute has been overwhelming. Our website (www.angusreid.org) had almost 300,000 unique visits in 2017. Our work on policy issues such as prescription drug use among poorer Canadians is focusing policy makers on an important component of health care. On the consumer front, we have studied topics as diverse as the experience of airline travellers and the views of hockey fans to provide public input into the decision making of private corporations.

The Angus Reid Institute is unique in that it is accountable to no corporate or government funding. We are not linked to any advertising agency or corporate communications practice. This means that we are free to explore any issue without fear of financial retaliation from government or corporate sponsors.  Our commitment is to carry out transparent, thoughtful research which aims to better understand the perceptions and beliefs of Canadians. We don’t take sides and never work on behalf of any political party.

As we move forward we are seeking to engage with a wider audience to provide input into the topics that we explore. To this end I’m inviting our subscribers and site users to write me directly on issues you would like to see us explore.  My email address is angusreid@angusreid.org.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support for the work of the Institute. Your feedback on our work to-date and ideas for future studies will help us continue to link Canadians with the decision makers that shape our lives.


Thank You

Angus Reid