Which was worse — Colin Thatcher’s presence at Saskatchewan’s throne speech, or the behaviour of the government that shrugged it off?

by David Korzinski | October 28, 2022 9:45 am

By Shachi Kurl, President

Which is more disgusting: a duly elected Saskatchewan Party MLA who thinks it appropriate to invite a notorious wife-killer to that province’s throne speech? Or a premier of that province who can’t bring himself to unequivocally condemn and punish the decision?

On Wednesday, MLA Lyle Stewart invited convicted murderer Colin Thatcher to the reading of that province’s Speech from the Throne. Thatcher sat next to a provincial police chief in the chamber for the speech, which was described by journalists as “tough on crime.”

As a former political reporter, I can say with authority that such invitations are not meted out to most people. They are extended to those who have made a difference in political, social, economic or charitable realms. An invite is a big deal.

Stewart’s decision — and the political inertia that has followed — is a punch in the stomach, a slap in the face, to victims of domestic violence, the majority of whom are women. I am angry. We should all be apoplectic.

Read more from the article in the Ottawa Citizen here.[1]

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