Kenney promised Albertans a lot. How long will they give him to deliver?

The votes have been counted, the campaign pickup truck has driven its victory lap, and now it’s time for Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party to get to work. The premier-designate has promised a lot. How patient will Albertans be with his timelines to deliver?

It is rare when electorates turf one-term majority governments as Albertans did with the NDP.  But the New Democrats having been economically diced, grated and pulverized by economic factors over the last five years – think back to the fires in Fort McMurray, the sinking value of Alberta oil, the delay in completing the TransMountain pipeline – voters abandoned Rachel Notley’s promise of prosperity and environmental stewardship for Kenney’s promise of better days ahead.

And what promises he made. The UCP leader pledged the political equivalents of the moon, though lassoing it will be more complicated. No carbon tax! More pipelines! An equalization referendum if no pipelines!

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Image – Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia