Jobs, jobs, jobs – how the Liberals are reframing the SNC-Lavalin affair

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s so-called statement of contrition Thursday wasn’t about being contrite, but about doubling down on a grand gamble to reframe the conversation about the SNC-Lavalin scandal, and perhaps, the ultimate ballot question of the fall election campaign.

His credibility largely shot on the question of whose version of the truth Canadians believe – his, his operatives’ or that of former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould – it now appears “Mr. Sunny Ways” is no more and no less than your usual garden variety politician.

Such a revelation need not be fatal; Canadians are inured to at least some reprobate behaviour on the part of their elected officials. But it is especially damaging to Justin Trudeau, whose carefully cultivated image of ethics, integrity and authenticity has been stripped away in a naked display of power and pressure. This is no longer the heartfelt, sorrowful, gooey Trudeau who once made people swoon. His style points spent, Trudeau must now turn to substance.

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