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New Canada Food Guide

April 10, 2019 – Nearly half of all Canadians say it has grown more difficult to afford to put food


February 21, 2019 –  As public health workers in Canada and around the world work to quell a new rash of measles outbreaks


February 15, 2019 – With the number of opioid related deaths in this country expected to surpass 4,000 in 2018, Canadians

Prescription Drugs

A significant – and apparently increasing – number of Canadians are unable to afford the medications being prescribed to them,

Poverty in Canada

What does it mean to be poor in Canada? Does it mean having to rely on food banks and payday

Cutting the Cord

Millennials in Canada are increasingly pulling the plug and hanging up the receiver as they opt out of traditional television

Canadian Housing Segments

To view the project, click here. Vancouver Toronto  

Children’s views of life in Canada

This survey from the Angus Reid Institute – in partnership with Children First Canada – reveals both older and younger generations of Canadians


A study from the Angus Reid Institute finds generational dynamics are at play in the battle for gridiron supremacy between

Alcohol Preferences

When it comes politicians and their quest for high ground with voters, there are arguably few strategies more heady or

Canadian Views of Other Countries

Nearly one-in-two Canadians say the Trudeau government’s decision to stand by an inherited arms deal with Saudi Arabia is the

Bike Lane Divide

It’s a familiar debate in urban Canada: a city announces plans to build a dedicated bicycle lane on a major

Canadian Opinion on Marijuana Legalization

Overall, nearly seven-in-ten Canadians say marijuana should be legal, but there are significant differences in opinion on what legalization should

Life Satisfaction in Canada

February 1, 2016 – Two-in-three Canadians say they’re “pretty happy”with their lives today, and an even greater proportion say they’re “satisfied” with

NHL Playoffs Without Canadian Teams

When NHL commissioner Gary Bettman expressed hope Canadians would stick with the Stanley Cup playoffs – even though odds were not looking

Prayer in Canadian Public Life

June 8, 2015 – The recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling regarding prayer at public meetings has touched off a national debate over

Hockey Night in Canada

This study was conducted roughly half way through the second season of the “new” Hockey Night in Canada. The findings

Bill C-51 Support

Vocal opposition to, painstaking review of, and widespread protest against Bill C-51 had some negative impact on Canadian support for

Concussions in Sport

While Canadians have become lamentably accustomed to seeing hockey stars such as Sidney Crosby, Paul Kariya and Chris Pronger suffer

How Canadians describe world leaders

July, 2014 – Canadians have strong and decided views about a handful of world leaders, including their own – but

Travel and Relocation

If you could live anywhere in the world, would you choose Canada? Roughly one-in-four Canadians wouldn’t, according to a new

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