The Studies

Access to health care a significant problem for one-in-five Canadians 55 and older

Twice as many say their province’s health care system has ‘deteriorated’ as say it has improved August 7, 2019 –

Caregiving in Canada: As population ages, one-in-four Canadians over 30 are looking after loved ones

Those in 40s, 50s most likely to provide care; women more likely to report a major impact on their lives

As Canadians age, struggles over access to health care extend to prescription drugs

One-in-six Canadians 55 and older have failed to take medication as prescribed because of the cost August 9, 2019 –

Welcome or worry? Aging causes anxiety for some, while others take it in stride

Two-thirds of Canadians worry about outliving their savings, including three-quarters of women under 55 August 14, 2019 – As Canada’s

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