For Trudeau and Scheer, the path to a majority only gets rockier

For Trudeau and Scheer, the path to a majority only gets rockier

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director

For the frontrunners, the month since the writs were drawn has been marked by mistakes, missed opportunities and – as advance voting begins – what must certainly be a growing unease. You have to wonder which songs are throbbing like drumbeats in the playlists of their minds. For Conservative leader Andrew Scheer (the traditionalist) it might be the original version of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” For Liberal leader Justin Trudeau (the dramatist), perhaps it is Lindsey Buckingham’s “Trouble.”

Both men are, at least publicly, bullish about their prospects for winning a majority government. Scheer even promised one Thursday night after the French language debate. The problem for both is that their respective paths to majority victory appear to be closing off, one by one.

For Trudeau, who in 2015 prevailed in the contests he needed to win (Ontario, Quebec), and some he didn’t (British Columbia), the latest polling numbers offer little comfort. Indeed, Quebec had been the only battleground where the Liberals were fighting from the high ground with an initially ample lead.

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