Top Stories 2018

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Story 7 – Immigration and Asylum Seekers

Against the backdrop of more frequent, and increasingly fraught conversations about policy regarding immigration and migration to Canada, an analysis of current and historical public opinion data by the Angus Reid Institute found that half of Canadians would prefer to

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Story 8 – Indigenous Issues divide country

The Trudeau government has made a commitment since the 2015 election to reset the relationship with First Nations. But the challenges of this relationship – and how Canadians perceive it – were evident in a June study from the Angus Reid Institute.

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Story 9 – Carbon Pricing Tension

One of the most contentious issues between the federal and provincial governments this year centered on the federal carbon tax. Beginning in January, 2019, jurisdictions that do no have a mechanism in place to put a price on carbon and

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Story 10 – The #MeToo Movement

As women worldwide were bringing attention to the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, both in the workplace and outside, with the hashtag #MeToo, the Angus Reid Institute examined public opinion in Canada regarding the experiences of Canadian women and

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