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Corporate Canada gets mixed report card from Canadians living with disabilities

A plurality of Canadians living with disabilities say corporations need to do more to hire and support them November 4, 2021 – Against the backdrop of an aging population and compounding labour shortages, there is a substantial talent pool that

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Diversity and Education: Half of Canadian kids witness ethnic, racial bullying at their school

However, majority ambivalent towards classmates wearing different clothes, eating different foods October 19, 2021 – As Canada grows and changes, becoming more diverse every year, new generations of children are immersed in a reality that can look far different than

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Vaxx to School? Three-quarters of Canadian parents believe teachers, school staff should be vaccinated

Nine-in-ten parents prefer in-class learning; majority of parents comfortable with kids back in school September 3, 2021 – Back to school was once a time of excitement, but as parents prepare for a third school year impacted by the COVID-19

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Long-Term Care in Canada: Three-quarters say significant change is needed; only one-in-five believe it will happen

55 per cent of Canadians say they would accept a tax increase to fund improvements in LTC July 26, 2021 – The gradual lifting of restrictions at long-term care facilities across Canada is offering opportunities for families whose loved ones

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As Ottawa prepares to ramp up immigration post pandemic, Canadians are divided over target levels

One-third say 2022 target of 400K newcomers “about right”, 39% say “too high”, 13% say “too few” June 28, 2021 – As travel restrictions in Canada brought by COVID-19 begin to lift, the impacts will not only be felt by

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Diversity and Racism in Canada: Competing views deeply divide country along gender, generational lines

One-third say Canada is a ‘racist’ country; 12 per cent believe some races are superior to others June 21, 2021 – These are times of deep reckoning over issues of race and identity, hatred, and violence in Canada. Against the

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