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Tightening up, drawing down: Vast majority of Canadians making tough decisions to handle cost-of-living crisis

Two-in-five say they’ve taken money from savings or other accounts that they generally try to avoid April 6, 2023 – More than a year into a stubborn and persistent cost-of-living crisis, a considerable number of Canadians have progressed from belt-tightening

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Views from (both sides of) the 49th: Canadians take more pride in their country than Americans do in their own

Nine-in-ten in Canada (89%) say their country is a safe place to live; half as many say this in U.S. (43%) March 23, 2023 – Americans and Canadians are inextricably linked, both by the largest international border, and by a

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Islamophobia in Canada: Four mindsets indicate negativity is nationwide, most intense in Quebec

36% outside of QC have negative view of Islam, compared to 56% within la belle province March 13, 2023 – A new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds unfavourable views of Islam prevalent across the country at varying

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Fear of Renewal: Most new homebuyers ‘very worried’ next term will bring much higher monthly payments

Half of variable rate mortgage holders having a tough time financially; one-in-three with fixed rate May 2, 2023 – The Bank of Canada held its key rate firm in April, but five more dates are set aside for possible rate

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Lacking the Will: Half of Canadians say they don’t have a last will and testament, including one-in-five aged 55+

One-quarter who haven’t written a will say they’re too young to worry about it, others cite lack of assets March 7, 2023 – In 1948, Cecil George Harris suffered a tragic mishap while plowing his fields near Rosetown, Sask. He

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Holiday travel hell: More Canadians blame weather and airlines, than government, for recent chaos

Canadians unconvinced if fining airlines for failed service will help improve future outcomes January 18, 2023 – The snowstorms that iced many Canadians out of their holiday travel plans, continue to leave airline and railway executives and politicians on the

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