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Canada and the Culture Wars: In the first of a multi-part series, Canadians weigh in on the nation’s divided discourse

Canadians say we’re changing how we talk to each other, split over whether it’s a good or bad thing September 11, 2023 – It’s a familiar refrain these days: Canadians are having a harder time talking to each other. A

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Vast majority say schools should inform parents if children wish to change their pronouns, are split over issue of parental consent

Younger people twice as likely to say parents should have no say whatsoever in this decision August 28, 2023 – Last week Saskatchewan joined New Brunswick in adopting a new gender and pronoun policy for schools, which would require parental

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One-quarter of young adults affected by smoke and fumes from recent wildfires say they’d think of moving

Majority say climate change is ‘crisis’ that needs immediate action; 10 per cent say it’s hopeless August 22, 2023 – As fires threaten Kelowna and Yellowknife, the latter forcing the evacuation of 20,000, Canadians continue to experience a summer of

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While Canadians say ‘Big Tech’ should pay to share Canadian news, few see Online News Act as the solution

Concern over backlash and blocked access to Canadian content drives pushback against Bill C-18 July 10, 2023 – An escalating tug of war between the Liberal government and Big Tech – with Canadian news content in the middle – is

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As newsrooms grapple with shifting media landscape, most Canadians oppose government intervention

Consolidation also opposed as daily print readership evaporates as news consumption moves online July 13, 2023 – The top story of Canadian news in recent years is one of decline – falling revenues, shrinking work forces of journalists, and fewer

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Canadian Race Relations Foundation: Canada-China tensions and the impact on Canada’s Asian diaspora

Half of Chinese Canadians say Canada-China political tensions have led to negative treatment personally July 12, 2023 – After COVID-19 led to a reported surge in hate crimes and discrimination against Asian Canadians, ongoing tensions with the Chinese government are

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