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Truths of reconciliation: Canadians are deeply divided on how best to address Indigenous issues

Most see the attention and money currently going toward these issues as ineffective June 7, 2018 – The Trudeau government has made a commitment since the 2015 election to reset the relationship with First Nations. But the challenges of this

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After nearly five-month timeout, NHL fans hot and bothered for midsummer hockey

Seven-in-ten fans say they’re excited for modified playoffs to get underway, but many say they’ll tune out July 30, 2020 – The 2020 August long weekend will feature something never seen before: NHL playoff hockey. After nearly five months off

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Half of Canadians support concept of a shorter standard work week; one-in-five say it’s a bad idea

CERB applicants more likely to say idea is a good one, three-in-five say so June 26, 2020 – Canadian working lives have been altered in ways unimagined by most at the beginning of 2020. A new study from the Angus

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Half of Canadians say crime is rising in their communities, as confidence in police, courts wanes

Percentage of Canadians who perceive an increase in crime up from 30% to 48% over past six years January 10, 2020 – Crime rates in Canada dropped precipitously from 1991 until 2014, falling more than 50 per cent during that

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Modern Morality: For Canadians, stealing streaming services generates more of a moral conundrum than assisted dying

Half say that moral values are getting weaker in society, just 10 per cent say they’re getting stronger April 15, 2020 – Moral concepts have risen and fallen throughout history. Religion, culture and convenience often play a role in deciding

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Canadian voters’ sensitivity to party stances on social values shows CPC has room to move to the centre

Left-leaning Canadians more likely to say social values stances of a party leader would affect their vote February 6, 2020 – The handful of moderate would-be Conservative leadership hopefuls who ended their putative campaigns before they began may find themselves

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