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Landing with a ‘thud’: Royal Museum rebuild causes political mess for NDP government, but BC Liberals yet to capitalize

BCNDP holds 11-point vote intention advantage over opposition BC Liberals (42% to 31%) June 16, 2022 – If there was ever a museum of political gaffes built in British Columbia, the rollout of the Royal BC Museum’s rebuild could occupy

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Premiers’ Performance: Good and bad for Houston. Horgan, Legault see their approval slide

Ontario’s Doug Ford sees approval virtually unchanged after election victory June 14, 2022 – While some of Canada’s premiers approach the summer in a decidedly more “chill” place with their respective electorates, others are feeling the burn. The latest data

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Ontario Election: Voters, preoccupied with inflation, cost of living worries are unenthusiastic about their choices

Those concerned about inflation, economic recovery lean heavily toward re-electing PCPO May 27, 2022 – As a general election campaign in Canada’s most populous province enters its final week, Ontarians themselves are preoccupied with their costs of living. And on

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Provincial spotlight: Ontario, Alberta governments heavily criticized on nearly every aspect of provincial management

In Quebec, surging Conservative Party pressures CAQ government, opposition ahead of October election March 31, 2022 – As if Canadians needed any more political drama in 2022, the spotlight is intensifying on the provincial scene in many regions of the

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Premiers’ Performance: Houston soars in approval, while Ford makes gains months before Ontario election

Legault’s approval declines to new low in his time as premier March 18, 2022 – As the prospect of warmer spring weather begins to lift Canadian spirits, most appear to already be warming to their premiers. New data from the

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As 24 months of pandemic restrictions lift, are Canadians ready – or reluctant – to let go?

Canadians still hesitant to withdraw proof of vaccination measures, masking in indoor spaces March 15, 2022 – The winding down of COVID-19 restrictions has begun in most of the country, and it’s being met with both confidence, and concern. A

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