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Access to Health Care: Free, but for all? Nearly nine million Canadians report chronic difficulty getting help

Canadians say they have less confidence and more difficulty accessing health care than Americans September 7, 2022 – A summer of health care related horror stories – from emergency room closures to doctor shortages to surgery delays – is shaking

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Doc Deficits: Half of Canadians either can’t find a doctor or can’t get a timely appointment with the one they have

Lack of primary care access compounds with difficulty securing diagnostic tests, specialist appointments September 8, 2022 – When Dr. David Eaton retires later this year, 1,400 of the approximately 2,800 people of Wheatley, Ont. will be losing their family doctor,

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Atlantic Spotlight: Soaring inflation, floundering health-care systems leave East Coasters critical of governments

Only in Nova Scotia does the incumbent party currently lead in vote intent July 13, 2022 – As legislatures rise for summer, politicians vacating their respective capitals on the east coast will have plenty to think about during the hottest

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Prairie Politics: Moe and Stefanson share a border, but residents’ government satisfaction is worlds apart

Moe’s government receives higher ratings, but both are panned on health care, cost of living July 8, 2022 – Canada’s summer of inflation has arrived and no part of the country is insulated from the rising cost of living. Indeed,

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Quebec Spotlight: Governing CAQ hold comfortable lead, one-in-five each support Liberals and Conservatives

Cost of living and health care outweigh all other provincial concerns for Quebec residents July 5, 2022 – Premier François Legault has spent the majority of his mandate since a late 2018 election victory leading the province through the COVID-19

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Ontario Spotlight: Ford government faces skepticism, lack of consensus among Ontarians over lengthy to-do list

At least two-thirds pessimistic four more years of Ford will improve health care, cost of living June 30, 2022 – As Doug Ford’s Conservative government looks to signal its readiness to get back to work – appointing a new cabinet

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