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Doc Deficits: Half of Canadians either can’t find a doctor or can’t get a timely appointment with the one they have

Lack of primary care access compounds with difficulty securing diagnostic tests, specialist appointments September 8, 2022 – When Dr. David Eaton retires later this year, 1,400 of the approximately 2,800 people of Wheatley, Ont. will be losing their family doctor,

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Quebec Spotlight: Governing CAQ hold comfortable lead, one-in-five each support Liberals and Conservatives

Cost of living and health care outweigh all other provincial concerns for Quebec residents July 5, 2022 – Premier François Legault has spent the majority of his mandate since a late 2018 election victory leading the province through the COVID-19

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Health check: Provinces’ performance on key file in massive decline

One-quarter believe their province is doing a good job managing health care, the lowest in eight years June 22, 2022 – As fear over COVID-19 dissipates, Canadians’ focus is turning to the health-care system, and most are not impressed by

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Canadians say gun violence rising; prefer national policy over provincial regulations

Two-in-five (43%) say gun violence increasing where they live, including majorities in Montreal & Toronto May 16, 2022 – People in Canada, the United States and around the world were reminded once again of the horrific and angering human toll

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COVID-19: Canadians call for more rapid access to rapid antigen tests as Omicron fuels more holiday season anxiety

Almost half say their own province is doing a poor job distributing rapid tests December 20, 2021 – It’s beginning to look a lot like (last) Christmas. With cases of the COVID-19 Omicron variant surging, governments are once again scrambling

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Cyber concerns: Canadians show little confidence in ability of several key institutions to fend off cyberattacks

Two-thirds (65%) prefer to fight the hackers rather than pay ransom if their local hospital was targeted December 9, 2021 – Critical Canadian infrastructure was the target of more than 100 ransomware attacks in 2021 and new data from the

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