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Canadians divided along political lines over whether to accept thousands of refugees in current crisis

Poll reveals schism between religious and non-religious Conservative Party supporters September 4, 2015 – With the Harper government under fire on the campaign trail for its reaction to the European migrant crisis and refugee policy in general, new data from

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As election looms late this fall, Newfoundland and Labrador premier begins to feel the chill

NL’s Davis sees job approval slide ahead of November 30th election September 1, 2015 – Almost forgotten outside Canada’s easternmost province is the fact that the federal election isn’t the only time voters will go to the polls late this

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The Duffy trial: Senate scandal testimony threatens Harper’s fortunes among soft Conservative voters

Majority of Canadians say scandal runs deeper than Duffy/Wright; most don’t believe Harper’s version August 20, 2015 – Days of bombshell revelations and conflicting testimony over who in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s inner circle knew what, and when, regarding the

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Metro Vancouver transit referendum: Who voted yes, who voted no, and what will it mean for the region?

Despite their defeat, yes voters were more likely to say holding the transit plebiscite was a good idea. July 3, 2015 – Now what? After a fractious 10-week campaign, Elections BC released the results of the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite Thursday,

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Open-door policy? Majority support government decision not to increase 2017 refugee targets

One-quarter say they would support a Trump-style ban on Syrian refugees coming to Canada Feb 20, 2017 – As the American travel ban on refugees, visitors and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries creates serious foreign policy differences between Canada and

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Premiers’ Performance: Gallant’s job approval plunges, Notley enjoys post-election honeymoon

Saskatchewan’s Wall: lowest approval in four years but remains Canada’s most popular premier.   June 22, 2015 – New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant ends his first session in government bruised by the implementation of his campaign promises and blemished in

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