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Election 44: O’Toole preferred among leaders on economy, but Trudeau bests CPC leader head-to-head

42 per cent say they’re more hopeful than anxious for economic rebuild, 58 per cent say the opposite August 19, 2021 – Canada’s post pandemic economic recovery has occupied politicians, policy makers and Canadians alike over the last year and

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Election 44: Most view this vote as “more important” than 2019; personal stakes involved for three-quarters

On issues, climate change, COVID-19 bolster Liberals; economic issues and transparency boost CPC August 27, 2021 – As the verbal war of words heats up between party leaders over health care, Afghanistan, child care and mandatory vaccination, new data from

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Federal Politics: Liberals open more daylight over CPC; but opposition leaders seen as better on core issues

Trudeau preferred on COVID-19, O’Toole leads on economic issues, Singh on affordability and poverty August 5, 2021 – The threat of a fourth wave of COVID-19, driven by the highly contagious Delta variant, has Canadian governments and health officials pulling

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Writ Reaction: Liberal lead fizzles in first week as O’Toole, Singh pick up early campaign momentum

First full week of campaigning sees opinions of Singh, O’Toole improve, while those of Trudeau decline August 23, 2021 – The battle for the hearts and minds of voters intensified – and evened up – in the first seven days

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Politics and the Fourth Wave: As concern over COVID rises, are the Liberals poised to benefit?

Two-in-five 2019 Green voters jump ship to the Liberals, CPC base remains the most loyal August 12, 2021 – As members of the fifth estate speculate about the exact date the prime minister is expected to call a general election,

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Favourable vs. Capable: Party leaders earn more warmth from Canadians than trust when it comes to the job of PM

Liberals, New Democrats twice as likely as CPC voters to say they’ll vote by mail if able July 29, 2021 – The interruption of summer reverie, brought to Canadians by political volunteers acting on behalf of their leaders, is already

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