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O’Toole’s Blue Christmas: CPC leader’s popularity plummets post-election as party’s fortunes run flat

Liberals enjoy five-point bump in vote intention; two-in-five approve of Trudeau’s performance December 10, 2021 – Ottawa can be a cold place throughout much of the year. For Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole, the chill is being exacerbated by changes

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53% of Canadians would not send diplomats to 2022 Olympic Games; two-in-five would keep athletes home

Three-quarters (73%) of Canadians believe nothing Canada does can change China’s behaviour December 7, 2021 – Not since the 1980 Games in Moscow has Canada declined to send athletes – or officials – to the Olympics. But as the U.S.

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COVID & Border Crossings: Little consensus over dropping molecular test for returning travellers – but two-in-five want rapid tests at the border

Plurality support switch to rapid antigen tests; 1/3 would drop all testing for fully vaccinated travellers November 23, 2021 – Border communities and fully vaccinated travellers may be cheering a federal announcement that as of next week, fully vaccinated Canadians

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Climate conference cynicism: Vast majority have little faith leaders will make meaningful progress at COP26

Most take pessimistic view of efforts to reverse warming, feel it’s “probably” too late November 9, 2021 – The COP26 climate change summit has been billed as “make or break” for the planet, with nations coming together to commit to

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House in order? Four-in-five Canadians support proposed seat redistribution in House of Commons

Facing loss of one seat, Quebecers are most opposed & half say Quebec deserves special consideration November 17, 2021 – For the first time since 1966, a province – in this case Quebec – is set to have its number

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Three Amigos Summit: More Canadians believe North American trade agreements have hurt than helped

One-in-two CPC voters believe NAFTA/USMCA has hurt Canada’s economy November 19, 2021 – While the leaders of Canada and Mexico talked up the importance of free trade at their summit this week, Canadians themselves are at best more skeptical –

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