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Funding Faceoff: Canadians split over key decisions regarding federal-provincial Health Accord

Ontario plan to pay for private operations with public funds draws support from majority February 6, 2023 – With Canada’s first ministers set to meet tomorrow in an attempt to hammer out a health care accord aimed at healing an

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Emergencies Act: Ahead of report release, half say Freedom Convoy protests were a threat to national security

Half say invoking the act was needed, others preferred alternate paths to resolution February 2, 2023 – As Justice Paul Rouleau puts the final touches on his report on the inquiry into the Liberal government’s use of the Emergencies Act

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Notwithstanding Clause: Majority see increased use problematic, would pursue abolition

Majority in all provinces except Quebec would abolish the clause; three-in-five Quebecers would keep it Le rapport est également disponible en français. January 26, 2023 – As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier François Legault draw lines in the sand

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La disposition de dérogation : la majorité estime que son utilisation accrue est problématique et souhaiterait son abolition

À l’exception du Québec, une majorité de répondants, toutes provinces confondues, souhaiteraient abolir la disposition dérogatoire; trois Québécois sur cinq aimeraient cependant qu’elle soit conservée This report is also available in English. Le 26 janvier 2023 – Alors que les premiers

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24 Sussex: Most Canadians say political cowardice is the reason why PM’s official residence continues to crumble

Seven-in-ten say PM should have taxpayer-funded residence; less support for other political figures January 23, 2023 – As the National Capital Commission prepares to begin abatement work on 24 Sussex Drive this spring, the future of the prime minister’s official

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Federal leadership: Trudeau enjoys end of year approval bump; Poilievre remains deeply unpopular with women

54% view CPC leader unfavourably, twice the number who said same of Harper at similar point in reign December 19, 2022 – As Christmas nears, Canadians have more holiday jeers than holiday cheers for the official leader of the opposition.

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