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Abortion and Politics: Majority support law to guarantee access; wouldn’t stop pro-life candidates from running

Those who would ban abortion entirely also less likely to support spending programs for single mothers November 28, 2022 – As a political and medical battle rages in the United States with the reversal of Roe v. Wade, Canada’s status

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Democracy in North America: Significant segments in Canada, U.S. open to authoritarian leadership

Age, isolation, and disillusionment with government contribute to anti-democratic sentiments November 7, 2022 – With mid-term elections looming in the U.S. and Canadians learning new details daily about the circumstances that led to the first-ever use of the Emergencies Act,

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Ontario Spotlight: Bill 7 divides Ontarians as government moves ahead to free up hospital beds

Significant segment of PCPO voters unhappy with Ford government’s performance on health care October 5, 2022 – The pressures on the health-care system over the past two-and-a-half years have led some governments to make difficult and, at times, unpopular decisions.

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The Horgan Legacy: Outgoing premier beats B.C. political odds by leaving on a high, but not without criticism

Expected new leader David Eby remains unknown to one-third, others divided over his appeal October 3, 2022 – In leaving on his own terms and with approval numbers that are the envy of so many of his predecessors, Premier John

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Cutting back: Nine-in-ten Canadians now tightening household budgets as inflation, high prices persist

Majority say interest rate increases will negatively impact their own finances September 29, 2022 – What began at the beginning of the year with a slight twinge for many Canadians over rising prices has led to a place where nearly

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UCP leadership race leaves Albertans largely uninspired by their options, worried about potential result

On the other hand, more than two-in-five (45%) say another Notley term would be terrible for province September 30, 2022 – As the United Conservative Party prepares to name a new leader – and premier – Albertans look ahead to

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