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Friends and foes: Most Canadians say Ottawa should approach China as a ‘threat’ or ‘enemy’

Views of U.S. warm from 2020 lows; three-in-five Canadians view America favourably March 10, 2023 – In the aftermath of a Chinese test of Canadian airspace, and, alleged attempts of interference in the last two Canadian elections, there are few

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Russian invasion: 55% of Canadians say Ukraine should fight on, half as many say it’s time to negotiate

Support for Canada providing military aid declines from earlier in war – especially among past CPC voters February 22, 2023 – One year into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, new data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians more inclined

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Canadians strongly support COVID-19 test requirement for travellers from China, but also question its efficacy

One-in-eight believe the policy to be racist, including more than half of those who oppose it January 24, 2023 – China abandoning its COVID zero strategy has caused a ripple of concern around the globe as the world’s second-most populous

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Democracy in North America: Significant segments in Canada, U.S. open to authoritarian leadership

Age, isolation, and disillusionment with government contribute to anti-democratic sentiments November 7, 2022 – With mid-term elections looming in the U.S. and Canadians learning new details daily about the circumstances that led to the first-ever use of the Emergencies Act,

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Doc Deficits: Half of Canadians either can’t find a doctor or can’t get a timely appointment with the one they have

Lack of primary care access compounds with difficulty securing diagnostic tests, specialist appointments September 8, 2022 – When Dr. David Eaton retires later this year, 1,400 of the approximately 2,800 people of Wheatley, Ont. will be losing their family doctor,

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The Queen at 96: Canadians support growing monarchy abolition movement, would pursue after Elizabeth II dies

Prospects of ‘King Charles’ and ‘Queen Camilla’ received coldly by Canadians April 21, 2022 –While Canadians may from their hearts be toasting Queen Elizabeth II on her 96th birthday, enthusiastic congratulations over a rare personal milestone do not translate into

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