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More Canadians and Britons view Edward Snowden as “hero” than “traitor”, Americans split

Three country survey reveals support for Snowden’s leaks, but mixed feelings on government surveillance overall

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Canadian, U.S. Cities Sound Similar Notes On Infrastructure Funding

Canadians and Americans may not agree on every issue of public policy, but when it comes to the issue of infrastructure, municipal leaders on both sides of the border appear to be singing from the same songbook. Just a couple

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Reagan, Clinton Still Regarded as Best Recent American Presidents

George W. Bush and Barack Obama are tied as the worst heads of state, with Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon far behind.

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Canadians Support Government’s Decision to Cut Ties with Iran

Supporters of all major federal political parties agree with Ottawa’s course of action.

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Britons and Canadians More Likely to Endorse Evolution than Americans

A majority of respondents in the United States believe God created human beings in their present form.

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Most Britons Want to Reduce Seats in the House of Lords

Two thirds of respondents want to ensure that four-in-five members of Parliament’s upper house are elected.

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