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Canadian Opinion on Marijuana Legalization

Overall, nearly seven-in-ten Canadians say marijuana should be legal, but there are significant differences in opinion on what legalization should look like. Should Canadians be able to grow their own plants? Will legalization make it easier for children to use

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Life Satisfaction in Canada

February 1, 2016 – Two-in-three Canadians say they’re “pretty happy”with their lives today, and an even greater proportion say they’re “satisfied” with their overall quality of life. That said, this study from the Angus Reid Institute indicates those who are dissatisfied with

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NHL Playoffs Without Canadian Teams

When NHL commissioner Gary Bettman expressed hope Canadians would stick with the Stanley Cup playoffs – even though odds were not looking good for a single qualifying Canadian team – his concerns were indeed well-founded. This study found more than half of

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Prayer in Canadian Public Life

June 8, 2015 – The recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling regarding prayer at public meetings has touched off a national debate over the place of God in civic life, and the possible ways governments should amend the long tradition of starting meetings

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Hockey Night in Canada

This study was conducted roughly half way through the second season of the “new” Hockey Night in Canada. The findings are largely consistent with what ARI found shortly after the switch from CBC to Rogers in November 2014, suggesting that – for

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Bill C-51 Support

Vocal opposition to, painstaking review of, and widespread protest against Bill C-51 had some negative impact on Canadian support for the anti-terror legislation, but a clear majority still said they favoured it. Nationally, nearly three-in-four (72%) Canadians polled in this

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