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Canadian Housing Segments

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Children’s views of life in Canada

This survey from the Angus Reid Institute – in partnership with Children First Canada – reveals both older and younger generations of Canadians are calling for more assistance for youth mental health, greater action to prevent bullying, and more funding for families in

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A study from the Angus Reid Institute finds generational dynamics are at play in the battle for gridiron supremacy between the CFL and the NFL. When it comes to Canadians’ pigskin preferences, one-in-five say they follow action on both sides

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Alcohol Preferences

When it comes politicians and their quest for high ground with voters, there are arguably few strategies more heady or intoxicating than promoting easier access to alcohol. But do tactics such as promising buck-a-beer – as Ontario Premier Doug Ford has done

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Canadian Views of Other Countries

Nearly one-in-two Canadians say the Trudeau government’s decision to stand by an inherited arms deal with Saudi Arabia is the wrong one, while the majority are disinclined to pursue economic, military or cultural ties with the Kingdom. And while Canadian

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Bike Lane Divide

It’s a familiar debate in urban Canada: a city announces plans to build a dedicated bicycle lane on a major roadway and opponents – fearing loss of parking, loss of business access, or an increase in traffic congestion – attempt

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