COVID-19 Concern: Half in Canada now worried about risk of infection among friends, family and community

Three-in-ten say they’ll avoid large events such concerts and hockey games March 11, 2020 – As Canada records its first COVID-19 related death, the latest tracking survey data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds the number of Canadians who

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As Trump calls for prescription drug imports from Canada, most north of the 49th call that bad medicine

Four-in-ten say they, or someone in their household, have had shortage-related issues filling prescriptions October 31, 2019 – Recent days have seen United States President Donald Trump reiterate calls for his own Health Department to speed up efforts to import

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Caregiving in Canada: As population ages, one-in-four Canadians over 30 are looking after loved ones

Those in 40s, 50s most likely to provide care; women more likely to report a major impact on their lives August 12, 2019 – Three years ago, Canada quietly crossed a critical demographic threshold. For the first time, there were

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Access to health care a significant problem for one-in-five Canadians 55 and older

Twice as many say their province’s health care system has ‘deteriorated’ as say it has improved August 7, 2019 – As the 2019 federal election campaign approaches and parties begin making their pitches to voters, a new public opinion poll

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As Canadians age, struggles over access to health care extend to prescription drugs

One-in-six Canadians 55 and older have failed to take medication as prescribed because of the cost August 9, 2019 – As the federal government’s Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare calls for a universal, single-payer system for prescription

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Canadians in Chronic Pain: Cost, access to treatment pose significant barriers for those suffering the most

One-in-five report living with significant chronic pain, most say they’d be better off if care more affordable July 12, 2019 – For many Canadians, the activities and experiences that many of us take for granted are significantly hindered by something

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