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Dr. Reid’s Keynote Address at BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Address April 22 2016 Today marks the 50th anniversary of this BC leadership prayer breakfast. This is a great time to look back at what has changed in the past half century, take stock of where we are today and

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ANALYSIS: Five things about Budget 2016 and Public Opinion

By Shachi Kurl and Ian Holliday March 22, 2016 1. Canadians like deficits in the abstract, but not so much when they’re concrete The Liberal Party ran on promise of “modest deficits,” totalling less than $10 billion annually, and a return

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Will US Cuba Thaw Give Canadians a Chill?

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director, Angus Reid Institute March 19, 2016 – This week the eyes of the world – and certainly of Americans – will once again turn to Cuba with intense focus. The reason, of course, is President Barack

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Sluggish economy could make TPP trickier for Trudeau

By Shachi Kurl January 27, 2016 – News the Trudeau Liberals will sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership – the 12-country trade deal involving nations that line the Pacific Rim – has the potential to take a different tone against the backdrop of

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Most Canadians think schools should teach morals and values, but which ones?

By Ian Holliday January 21, 2016 – One of the most surprising findings from the Angus Reid Institute’s recent poll on morality was the widespread agreement with the statement “Public education should put more emphasis on teaching morals and values.” Fully

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Nuanced opinion on doctor-assisted death means government should tread lightly

By Shachi Kurl January 15, 2016 – On the subject of doctor-assisted death in Canada, the federal government now finds itself in a somewhat similar position as some proponents: running out of time. And while for proponents, the matter is

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