Election 2021

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Election Night: 22 Ridings to Watch

Election night can be chaotic. Results come in quick and stories unfold fast. As you watch the polls close from coast-to-coast, these are 22 of the most important ridings to watch this year. The election will likely be won and

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Déjà vu all over again? CPC, Liberals locked in tight battle with smaller parties poised to make the difference

NDP nibbles Liberal support while PPC does the same to CPC September 18, 2021 – Canada’s 44th election campaign is rounding the final turn. With what little time they have left to sway voters, the two leading parties find themselves

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Much ado about nothing? Canadian voters return a parliament that looks much the same as the last

Preliminary results find the parties within one or two seats of where they were after 2019 election September 21, 2021 – With the 2021 federal election in the rear-view mirror, it would appear that the composition of Canada’s 44th Parliament

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Election 44: Two-thirds of debate watchers say exercise was informative, will help them make their choice

Majority (54%) who watched say the debate was engaging, women more likely to say this than men September 15, 2021 – With only one English language and two French language debates during the 44th federal election campaign, the leaders of

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Election 44: With one week left in campaign, CPC and Liberals locked in two-way race, mirroring 2019

Blanchet, Paul emerge from debate with personal momentum, little change in their parties’ fortunes September 14, 2021 – The 44th federal election campaign is in its final week, with no party separating itself among Canadian voters, half of whom are

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The Issues: Conservatives dominate on economy; Liberals preferred on COVID-19, climate change

Current NDP voters favour Liberals over CPC on all nine top issues canvassed September 9, 2021 – Two French debates are in the rear-view mirror for Canada’s federal party leaders, who now turn their attention to the English debate, which

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